ARMS Version 3.0 Update: Everything We Know So Far

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lola pop arms art
Lola Pop is coming to ARMS. Nintendo

ARMS is setting up for another big update, complete with new a new fighter, stage and other changes to the overall experience of Nintendo’s new IP.

However, until Nintendo actually drops the update, there won’t be official patch notes or specifics about what ARMS players can expect from the changes. However, Nintendo is teasing some of the changes coming to the fighting game through its official Twitter accounts, and we’ve compiled everything we know so far about the changes coming to ARMS in version 3.0.

Version 3.0 is expected to drop between Sept. 11 and 20, so keep an eye out for it.


The biggest and most obvious change coming to ARMS is the new fighter, Lola Pop. The new character based on candy and clowns has a few new abilities that haven’t been seen in the game yet.

Lola Pop’s greatest ability is inflating her body to use as a shield. She can also move while inflated to decrease the distance between you and your opponent.

Here’s a quick look at what Lola Pop can do.


Lola Pop’s stage is based on a cafe and the fighters will battle it out on the streets. We don’t know much about the stage, like whether there will be trampolines, moving platforms or anything like that, but it does seem like the new level will be a smaller one.

Here’s a clip of the new Lola Pop stage.


Lola Pop will come to ARMS with three new weapons, just like Max Brass did. Only one of the weapons has been teased and she wields nunchaku.

Check out Lola Pop’s nunchaku below.


One of the latest changes to ARMS is the ability to customize your control options. Before Version 3.0, players had to adjust to the controls provided, but now they can choose which buttons perform which actions and even tweak the sensitivity of the Joy-Cons.

Here’s a clip on how the custom controls work.

There will be more changes to ARMS when the Version 3.0 update rolls out and we’ll update this story as more information becomes available. In the meantime, let us know what you think of Lola Pop and the changes coming to ARMS in the comments section below.

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