ARMS New Fighter Reminds Kids That Not All Clowns Are Evil

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It's It, but adorable! Nintendo

ARMS , Nintendo’s odd punching simulator for the Switch, is getting a sweet new hero. Lola Pop is a sugary new fighter, equipped with sweet new hands and a posterior that would make Twintelle blush with envy. According to a tweet on the Japanese ARMS account, version .3, which will feature a new candy-themed stage as well, will be released somewhere in mid-September. This is the second DLC character released since launch, showing that Nintendo is going to keep supporting the game after launch.

Even though the trailer only shows us a little bit  of what Lola Pop can do, we do get a good look at her hands and her passive. For the first time in ARMS, we have nunchucks, the favorite weapon of middle school ninjas everywhere. Charging them to get a full swing seems like it’s going to speed them up and give them a little more power. The vertical triple-shot arm is the second in the whole game to feature a Blind, next to Helix’s Blorb. Triple stamps appear on screen after a successful hit, which adds a unique quality to an arm that’s not going to be used very much.

Lola Pop’s counter shield has me kind of hyped. When you charge the shield up and it blocks an attack, it seems that the charge of the attack will factor into the counter. When Twintelle punches with a charged Chilla, a white glow appears around her, making it appear like she just got frozen. This adds a whole new level of strategy to the game, allowing smart players to use this arm to stun or burn an enemy who wasn’t expecting an issue with their status. It’s still way too early to tell, but the nunchucks and shield could be amazing additions to any ARMS weaponry.   

Turning into a bouncy balloon might not sound like a useful ability in a fighting game with pointy objects on everyone’s fists, but Lola Pop doesn't listen to your conventional norms. When she blocks, she inflates, causing her to bounce around the field. She can also use it in mid-air,allowing her to dash out of the way of an attack she’d otherwise have to take. Like Ribbon Girl, this gives Lola Pop some maneuverability, which is always a welcome addition to fighting games.  

When I first learned about ARMS, I was beyond hyped. I thought it was going to be the first fighting gamer to keep my attention long enough for me to “get good.” That excitement lasted for for about 48 hours after the game’s launch, when I learned I wasn’t going to be beating anyone online. My motor skills, on a range from infant to Korean esports god, lie somewhere around middle-aged accountant who plays golf on the weekend. I can strategize and outthink an opponent, but my hands won’t act fast enough to respond to a fast attacker. Maybe Lola Pop will be enough to pull me back in.

If you haven’t tried ARMS yet and have been holding off to save money for Super Mario Odyssey , Nintendo is hosting another free-play weekend. From August 25 to 27, Nintendo will be hosting a Global Testpunch, allowing anyone with a Nintendo Switch to try the fighting game out for free.

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