Arms Against Tyranny Coming Soon to Iron Hearts IV

Lead the fight against tyranny! Paradox Interactive

They say that during times of crisis, the most important thing is to be nimble when you're the weaker party. You can take advantage of both weather and terrain to outwit a superior enemy or look for alternate routes to victory. All of these techniques and tactics are going to be available to those who play to take Arms Against Tyranny in Hearts of Iron IV.

Arms Against Tyranny is an upcoming immersion pack where players get to encounter not only new alternate histories for the nations of Scandinavia and Finland but even new National Focus Trees. In particular, there's a heavy emphasis on the Winter War and the struggle Finland had against the Soviet invasion. This new pack also comes with new ways for players to develop their armament industries and sell weapons designs to warring nations.

Here are the features of the Arms Against Tyranny Pack:

  • New Finnish National Focus Tree
    • Walk the diplomatic tightrope of a democratic nation trapped between threats.
    • Develop a capable defensive army.
    • Pursue alternate historical paths of collaboration with the neighboring tyrants.
  • New Swedish National Focus Tree
    • Resource rich and fiercely independent, Sweden can be the center of a unified Scandinavian resistance.
    • The country could also be a game-changing ally in the ongoing battle of ideologies.
  • New Danish and Norwegian Focus Trees
    • With the benefit of hindsight, can players prepare these small nations for the storm of war that is about to wash upon their shores?
  • Military Industrial Organizations
    • Players can customize their armaments industry by encouraging national corporations to specialize in the types of weapons and technologies they desire for their armed forces.
  • International Arms Market
    • Become the quartermaster of the world by selling arms and equipment to warring nations, receiving civilian factory capacity in return.
  • New unit art.
  • 10 new songs.
  • Customization of Special Forces units.
  • Greater divisional specialization.

When the Arms Against Tyranny Pack arrives, there's also a major free update coming to all players.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to take up Arms Against Tyranny?

Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy war game which lets players experience deep historical gameplay as well as alternate histories. In the game, players get to command the mightiest war machine in the world. They'll also need to manage industry, diplomacy, and battle plans if they want to defend their interests and dominate the world.

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