Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara Update 1.1 Brings New Vehicles, Weapons, and More

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Arma 3 ’s developers have released another update for the Creator DLC: Western Sahara after nearly nine months. This update is massive compared to the older ones, and it features a new mission, three new vehicles, new weapons, and more that you can try out. It does come at a small premium price.

In this update, developers added a new mission called Alchemist, playable as multiplayer and single-player. Besides, three new vehicles, UAV, MSE-3 Marid, and BTR-T Iskatel are added into the game.

Developers also fixed a text present on the UNA fuel truck, which previously displayed 50 feet. Now, the text reads 15 meters.

Arma 3 Western Sahara Update 1.1

New Content
Weapons and Attachments
  • Added: AA40 12G
  • Added: GLX 40 mm
  • Added: SA-77 7.62 mm
  • Added: SA-77 Compact 7.62 mm
  • Added: Velko R5 5.56 mm
  • Added: Velko R5 GL 5.56 mm
  • Added: Galat ARM 7.62 mm (Old)
  • Added: SLR 7.62 mm (Jungle)
  • Added: Mk18 ABR 7.62 mm (Snake)
  • Added: RDS (Low/High optics)
  • Added: Saber Light (Flashlight/IR)
  • Added: Stubby Sound Suppressor
  • Added: Camo variants for the RCO, ARCO, Mk17 Holosight, and IR Laser Pointer
  • Added: Ammo type - 40mm Pellet Grenade
  • Added: CTRG Plate Carrier Rig variant
  • Added: CTRG Stealth/Combat Uniform (Desert)
  • Added: Deserter Clothes (Desert)
  • Added: Light Combat Fatigues (Hex)
  • Added: Cap (ION, Headphones)
  • Added: Ballistic Mask (Turban)
Ambient and Scenery
  • Added: Dromedary (Saddle) animal variant
  • Added: Desert Tent
  • Added: Desert Tent (Floor)
  • Added: Saddle scenery object
  • Added: Pottery scenery objects
  • Added: Various new details to the Sefrou-Ramal terrain
  • Added: All rifle types are now compatible with the AP-5 Bustard/Roshanak gun drone
  • Added: New and improved idle animations for the dromedary
  • Added: New "riding on dromedary" static animations for screenshot makers
  • Added: New music tracks
Content Changes
  • Added: Various soldier classes with new weapons and equipment
  • Added: Galat and Velko rifles can now use the accessory/pointer attachment slot
  • Added: "Extraction" scenario color correction effect to the post-processing template module in 3den (named "Sefrawi Desert")
  • Added: CBA Joint Rails mod compatibility
  • Fixed: Zu23 turret gunner hands are now holding and moving with the cranks
  • Fixed: WS Zamak variants would switch to the lowest LOD too soon
  • Fixed: The drone operations center CSAT emblem had the wrong rotation
  • Fixed: Velko R4, Ballistic Mask and Portable Shield TI/thermal texture issues
  • Fixed: Dark shade on the PMC (Peace) uniform texture
  • Fixed: The watch on the Contractor Outfit (Black) couldn't be retextured
  • Fixed: AP-5 Bustard/Roshanak now has appropriate VIV bounding boxes

You can read more about the update here.

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