Arma 3 S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.2.1 Patch Adds a New Variant and Changes Several Vehicles

With realism at its core, ARMA 3 is known in the gaming community as more of a warfare simulator than a traditional shooter.
With realism at its core, ARMA 3 is known in the gaming community as more of a warfare simulator than a traditional shooter. Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive released an important update for Arma 3 yesterday. The patch added a small piece of content and changes to several vehicles, terrain, and more. Dozens of bugs are squashed as well.

The Badgeless PAVN Field Cap variant is now in the game. So, open Arma 3 and try the variant out. M113 received a jukebox music player and its horn sound is now applied correctly. Its firing arc for hatch FFV passengers has been increased as well.

Both F-100 and MiG-19 received flares attributes. Custom Manual Fire action has also been implemented to F-4. You can read all the changes below.

  • Changed: Tweaked sounds for multiple pistols
  • Changed: Volume and range of horn sounds for multiple vehicles
  • Changed: Civ Buildings - tweaked AI pathing
  • Changed: Civ Buildings - improved armor values
  • Changed: Hanoi Station - tweaked AI pathing
  • Changed: Rice paddy and crater water visual improvement
  • Changed: F-100 - added flares attribute
  • Changed: MiG-19 - added flares attribute
  • Changed: F-4 - implemented custom Manual Fire action
  • Changed: M113 - added jukebox music player
  • Changed: M113 - horn sound correctly applied
  • Changed: M113 - increased firing arc for hatch FFV passengers
  • Changed: M151 & BTR-40 - enabled vehicle-in-vehicle transport
  • Changed: Multiple vehicles - changed from using "init" to newer "postInit" function in vehicle event handlers
  • Changed: PBR, Shantou, and PTF Nasty - added 3DEN attributes to allow for easier customization of the flag
  • Changed: PTF Nasty - increased supplyRadius to allow vehicle inventory to be better accessed from outside
  • Changed: Multiple statics - added sling loading memory points and config
  • Changed: Added loadorder to ensure that S.O.G. PF is loaded before mods are loaded
  • Changed: Master Arm module - allowed vehicle features to be overwritten via object vars
  • Changed: Master Arm module - added button in the master arm display to transfer all weapon controls to the pilot turret of the aircraft

As mentioned above, the patch also deals with dozens of bugs. You can read all about them in great detail via the official site.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Arma 3 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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