Arknights New Update Introduces Lingering Echoes Side Story

Ready for a new side story?
Ready for a new side story? Yostar Games

A new update for Arknights introduces a new side story titled “Lingering Echoes.” It focuses on the famous composer Czerny who is organizing his farewell concert and has attracted Ebenholz and Kreide to participate. This new update also brings three new operators, three new outfits, a new themed furniture set, and new rewards.

Lingering Echoes is set at Leithanien and has grabbed the attention of Rhodes Island mainly due to the recent phenomenon of infected people being able to heal themselves. The famous composer Czerny, who's been infected, is holding a farewell concert where Ebenholz and Kreide are set to experience a story of resistance and intrigue.

The Lingering Echoes event starts today, December 27, and runs until January 10. For the duration of the event, the five-star defender Czerny is available as the bonus operator. Doctors can also get the new furniture, Afterglow-Styled Music Room, and other items including Headhunting Permit, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records and Furniture Parts from Composer’s Mailbox by clearing the event stages.

Here are the other new content that arrive with the latest update:

  • New Operators (Ebenholz Banner)
    • 6-star Caster: Ebenholz
    • Ebenholz is a 6-star Mystic Caster who specializes in damage per second.
    • His attacks deal Arts damage to one target.
    • When he is not attacking, Ebenholz periodically stores his attacks, up to a maximum of three.
      • All of the stored attacks are released simultaneously the next time he attacks, which means a burst of four hits.
    • Ebenholz shows his talents especially when Doctors face strong enemies.
  • 5-star Medic: Hibiscus the Purifier
    • Hibiscus the Purifier is the alternate 5-star version of Hibiscus who is an Incantation.
    • What defines her as an Incantation Medic is that sometimes she attacks enemies instead of healing friendlies.
    • Hibiscus has truly grown up and her skill now improves the efficiency of her attacks.
  • 5-star Defender: Czerny
    • Czerny is an Arts Protector that is redeemable in this event.
    • His second skill lets him tank attacks easier than others and punish enemies back with powerful damage.
  • New Arrivals at Outfit Store
    • New outfits are available in the Achievement Star Collection.
    • This includes Sport For All for Flametail, Light Gun Adjuster for Aosta, and Trendsetting Player for Kirara.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS.

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