Ark Survival Evolved Update v333.4 Addresses More Than a Dozen Bugs

Ark Survival Evolved
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The latest update for Ark Survival Evolved is now live, and it improves game stability. More than a dozen bugs were fixed and some minor gameplay tweaks were made as well.

From now on, you could no longer net creatures spawned via Hunt Missions. The Decay Timer of Plant species is increased to 20 days, and Shadowmane won’t jump or blink when it has C4 attached. Enemy foundation range will now be addressed by canvas and TEK Sensor.

The rest of the changes are mentioned below:

  • Fixed a bug where defeating King Kaiju wouldn't display on your implant
  • Fixed a bug where Baryonyx wouldn't regenerate health by killing fish
  • Fixed a bug with Brontosaurus IK
  • Fixed some level design-related bugs such as holes, floating foliage, incorrect volumes, incorrect damage multipliers.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to remount the Voidwyrm if the player was killed during the taming process
  • Fixed a bug causing visual artifacts in water
  • Fixed a bug where some wild creatures wouldn't be able to damage each other
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to use '0000' as a valid pin on Pressure Plates and TEK Sensors
  • Fixed a bug where Lamp Post, Omni Lights, and TEK Lights were having their options reset when you would leave stasis/render distance
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Zero G buff to persist outside of the space biome
  • Fixed and protected against multiple exploits
  • Fixed and protected against multiple server and client crashes
  • Fixed a bug that caused unclaimed baby dino corpses to fall through the map when killed
  • Fixed a bug where Shadowmane could do higher than intended damage in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where turrets that were powered by the "Copy Settings" feature would not automatically turn back on when the generator they were powered by was refueled.
  • Fixed a bug that made players unable to use the TEK Sword charge ability when the Shoulder Cannon was equipped
  • Fixed some false positive anti-mesh detection
  • Made some tweaks to the Starwing Strike race so it can no longer be completed without moving the Astrodelphis.
  • Updated some text strings to be more accurate
  • Two new admin commands:
    • Cheat AddChibiExp
    • Cheat AddChibiExpToPlayer

The patch notes are available on the official site as well.

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