Ark: Survival Evolved Server Network Update 310.41 Removes Eggcellent Adventure Event

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Ark Survival Evolved
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The popular dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved isn’t going to slow down on updates even during the on-going outbreak. The developers continue to support the game with updates and patches in hopes to improve the overall player experience. Yesterday, a new patch was made available, titled Server Update v310.41

The patch is mostly focused on bug fixing along with some minor changes. The Eggcellent Adventure event has finally ended and 2x harvest, XP, taming and breeding have been enabled. The Rock Drake exploit was fixed and MEK’s will now attack structures as intended. The cloning cost for Thyla was reduced and Valguero class is switched to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern. A few level design issues were resolved and server crashes have been greatly reduced.

You can read the complete patch notes below or on the official site.

Ark: Survival Evolved Update v310.41 Patch Notes

  • End of Eggcellent Adventure.
  • Enabling 2x harvest, breeding, XP and taming
  • Fixed a bug with Cruise Missiles which caused them to detonate on the player firing
  • Fixed a bug which prevented MEKs from attacking structures
  • Fixed an exploit with the Rock Drake
  • Fixed multiple level design issues related to holes, floating foliage, volumes, and lighting
  • Fixed multiple server crashes and server stalls
  • Fixed a bug with certain creatures attacking through structure walls
  • Reduced the Giant Turtle's bubble-blowing attack on when above ground
  • Marked Valgeuro's Ice Golem and Chalk Golem as unable to transfer
  • Valguero Ice wyvern class switched to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed mission creatures to be used in unintended ways
  • Added additional kill volumes to unintended playable areas
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed certain creatures to attack structures through walls
  • Fixed a bug that could cause items to transfer back to your own inventory when transferring from personal to remote with the T key.
  • Adjusted (reduced) the Thyla cost for cloning
  • Fixed a bug with the grenade launcher where it sometimes wouldn't use all its ammo

So what do you think? Have you been playing Ark: Survival Evolved? Did you enjoy the Eggcellent Adventure Event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Review - A Flawed But Fun Prehistoric Playground
ARK: Survival Evolved is a mixed-bag experience that only truly caters to those well aware of, or heavily interested in, the survival genre.
  • Lots of Dinos to encounter and tame
  • A thriving online community
  • A game that truly rewards time and dedication
  • Server stability issues
  • The grinding gets tedious
  • Terrible console UI
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