ARK: Survival Evolved PC Update v272 Released With New Ragnarok Desert

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ARK Ragnarok desert
ARK: Survival Evolved got a major update to its Ragnarok map in the form of the Southwest Desert. It's got explorable canyons and three caves. ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux. Studio Wildcard

ARK: Survival Evolved update v272 released Wednesday morning, and its patch notes detail the fixes players can expect. There aren’t any huge changes with regard to main-game content, but Ragnarok just got a whole lot bigger. Check out the changelog from Studio Wildcard.

Current Version: v272.1

  • Fixed an issue where old Ragnarok Landscape sublevel randomly wasn't getting properly deleted when updating the build on some servers & clients.



  • Fixed a server crash that some hosts were getting after uninstalling certain mods.
  • Re-Added "My Survivors" menu option.
  • Temporarily removed HDR option, was causing some graphics issues at the moment.


Ragnarok Southwest Desert

We're excited to be releasing the first installment of the Ragnarok desert! The desert will be released in three sections that will open up for the players as each section is complete. This will be the least dangerous section of the desert featuring:

  • Ability to place tree platforms on some desert rocks
  • Oil/water veins
  • Explorable canyons
  • Dense metal and obsidian locations
  • Flat building plateaus
  • New vista locations
  • Three caves (two building caves)



  • Increased chance of Spinos spawning
  • Decreased total Coel amount in the ocean
  • Moved Leeds away from the coast/coastal inlets
  • (Should now spawn farther out in the ocean)
  • New Giga Spawn added in the Southwest region (Near Green Obelisk)
  • Increased chance of Therizino spawns
  • Wyverns added into Purple Crystal Wyvern Den off the coast
  • (This will help eggs show up more frequently as well)
  • Desert Spawns readjusted and ready for new section of map


Over 300 Bug Fixes Including:

  • Fixed tall grass in swamp (lowered to not be 3 foundations high)
  • Fixed mesh hole exploits
  • Fixed many player stuck points
  • Fixed floating foliage
  • Fixed mesh collision
  • Fixed water now working in rivers
  • Fixed player/dino teleport issues
  • Fixed some dinosaur spawn issues
  • Fixed boss fight exploits
  • Fixed Dungeon exploits
  • Fixed unreachable resources
  • Fixed unobtainable supply drops
  • Fixed Proxy issues
  • Fixed Volume issues

ARK ’s Ragnarok expansion is the first official modded map approved by the Studio Wildcard team, and it first released on PC in June. In order to access it, players must Ascend to Beta level or use the “playercommand Ascend2” admin command if cheats are enabled. The servers will unlock and you’ll be able explore the new environment. There aren't any totally new Dinos on Ragnarok, but the variations of existing ones are interesting enough to want on your squad.

As for the main game, it would appear Studio Wildcard is going somewhat quiet to prepare for the release of the Aberration season pass DLC later this month. The spooky expansion takes survivors to a derelict Ark in an underground biome that thrives on radioactive elements. Its September debut trailer showed off new Dinos, gear and ways to master the untamed wilderness.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux.

What are you thoughts on ARK’s v272 update so far? Were you expecting more beyond Ragnarok? Tell us in the comments section!

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