Arena of Kings: Update v1.5.0.0 Introduces Quick Play and 3v3 Premade Team

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The developers of Arena of Kings have launched an update recently and it implemented major changes - one of which is the removal of the solo queue. It has been replaced by Quick Play and 3v3 Premade Team.

Aside from that, the game now has a new rating system. Basically, all ratings will start at zero. You will accumulate points quickly until you reach a predetermined MMR or matchmaking rating. To help you with that, you will not lose any ranking points until you've reached the system MMR.

Anyway, when you get disconnected during a game, you will now auto relog after the match ends. The developers said that fixing the random disconnects is a huge undertaking and requires more time to be fully resolved. Additionally, the bug where you get stuck online is now fixed.


  • Solo queue has been removed. There are 2 queues: Quick Play and 3v3 Premade Team
  • We're awarding Arena Points today to all characters due to a reset/overhaul of the rating system
  • The new Rating system explained briefly: ratings will now start at 0 and each character will accumulate points quickly until the system has you at the determined MMR. You will not lose rating points until you've reached the system MMR
  • Number of Daily Quests reduced to 5 per day
  • Number of Weekly Quests reduced to 10 per week
  • Base Power on all classes has been reduced by 35
  • Decapitate bonus damage reduced to 250%
  • Depravity cooldown reduced to 14 seconds
  • Inflame initial damage increased by 50%
  • Miasma cooldown reduced to 4 seconds
  • Terrify cooldown reduced to 8 seconds
  • Parasite duration increased to 7 seconds
  • Underworld Armor health restored increased to 0.5%. Damage reduction increased to 8%
  • Effects can now be applied to targets that are in Spirit Form
  • Infuse mana cost reduced to 250
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Orb of Smoke to apply more Power than intended
  • Gospel of Defiance damage reduction increased to 25%. Cooldown reduced to 12 seconds
  • Gospel of Purity healing increased by 25%. Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds
  • Transfer Life amount transferred reduced to 4%. Base healing increased by 4%

Arena of Kings Update v1.5.0.0 is now available on PC.

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