Arena of Kings: Update v1.1.2.0 Class Balancing Changes

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Arena of Kings, the fast-paced arena brawler with MMORPG-style combat, has a new update that changes the global chat channels to General, LFG (Looking for Group), and Help. This is likely to help simplify things, so that you will know which channels to use when you want to ask questions, for example.

That is not the only thing that you can expect in the latest patch. Update v. also brings some balancing changes. As a way of minimizing the effectiveness of double healer compositions, the developers have made the Sudden Death damage per tick on Stage 4 similar to Stage 3 with one key difference - all healing is now reduced by 30%.

Although the Assassin’s Whirling build is pretty good, the devs want you to try a build focused on Annihilate as well. To make the said ability more enticing to use, its energy cost is reduced by five. Puncture and Slash damage is increased by 3%, and Temple Strike cooldown is reduced to 13 seconds.

If you are a Ranger main, then you’re going to love this update as it brings some much-needed buffs. The damage of Elemental Arrow, Rain of Arrows, and Twisting Shot has been increased by 2%, 6%, and 4%, respectively.

Patch Highlights

  • Stuck in pillars: we've added unstuck protection and reduced the chance to get stuck in pillars and rocks
  • Added limited edition profile backgrounds to celebrate the new year
  • Changed the global chat channels to General, LFG, and Help
  • Channel messages do not display during a game anymore to reduce spam while playing
  • Increased the drop rate of Legendary Items during games
  • Fixed several bugs with targeting and attacking Nihilist Orbs
  • Fixed a bug with Lich receiving Wisdom gear during games
  • Champion has been overperforming, we're bringing it down to a more fair level
  • Basic attack damage reduced by 3%
  • Slashing Strike bleeding duration reduced to 2 seconds
  • Gloom amplify reduced to 2% per stack
  • Infusing an Orb of Smoke now also temporarily increases Health by 750
  • Orb of Smoke power reduced to 35
  • Less damage on Frostbolt: bringing back the Ice Spikes playstyle - making Magic Missiles core to Frost's gameplay
  • Frostbolt damage reduced by 4%. Reverted the Mana nerf back to 200
  • Magic Missiles now deal 2x damage against Chilled targets. We'll be looking forward to hearing your feedback

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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