Arcadegeddon: Patch 0.3.0 Adds Offline Mode and Plugins

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Arcadegeddon is a third-person multiplayer shooter game developed by IIIFonic. It received an update recently that added offline mode and some level of character customization via plugins. Crossplay is now available as well, which allows players on PS5 to team up with their friends on PC.

New Features

The game now offers an offline mode, where you can start a solo run without an internet connection. Keep in mind that there is currently no offline profile, which means you do not have access to certain in-game stuff, such as TomBot challenges and gang challenges.

In addition, crossplay has been enabled. Those playing on PlayStation 5 can connect to those on PC via Epic Online Service. You can either use a linked account or search for other people to play with using the “Find Players” option.

Do you want to make your character stronger? You can now apply certain powerups using Plugins. You can do this by using the appropriate ones in your Plugin Loadout - located at the Customization Kiosk in Gilly’s Arcade. The number of slots and Plugins that you get is based on your account level.

Patch 0.3.0 Highlights

  • Daily Challenges
    • TomBot now offers three new challenges everyday
    • They will automatically be added to your daily objectives
  • Biome
    • Downtown
  • Boss and Boss Arena
    • Data Demon Prince
  • Enemy Unit
    • Data Demon Witch
  • PvP Mode
    • King of the Hill
  • Cosmetics
    • Outfit: Skelly
    • 5 New Cosmetics
    • More Tints added to existing Cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the player lost character control after turning in a quest
  • Fixed issues where players were not canceled out of emotes when they switch player states to Death, Downed or Stunned
  • Fixed an issue where an emote animation would get stuck if performed while transitioning out of a weapon action like reloading
  • Fixed issues where players were not canceled out of Surge Ability Targeting when they switch player states to Death, Downed, or Stunned
  • Numerous Performance Optimizations
  • General
    • Boss fights are now on random no-repeat as well to prevent getting the same boss back to back
    • Falling damage and hazards now deal damage directly to HP
  • Gang Challenges
    • Replaced the Multiplayer centric Gang Challenges from the base Gangs in Gilly's (Royale still only offers Multiplayer based challenges)
  • PVP
    • Increased the Freeze Damage on the Frosty Fraggins Shotgun (Glitch Ball Game Mode only)
  • Gillytine
    • No longer provides the player with an extra jump when using the secondary attack
  • Ex Machina
    • Clusters that spawn after the initial impact now maintain the same momentum as the initial projectile rather than go in random directions
    • Increased Damage
  • Slugger
    • Updated the equip and swing animations

You can learn more about Patch 0.3.0 on the game’s official website.

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