Apple iPhone 8 Rumors Suggest Higher Price For 10th Anniversary Smartphone

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A judge has ordered Apple to help the FBI hack the phone of on of the San Bernardino shooters, but CEO Tim Cook has refused and promises to put up a fight. What the ruling means for Apple and the rest of us if it is upheld Getty Images

The iPhone 8 may be the most expensive Apple smartphone to date, if rumors are to be believed. Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest consumers are willing to pay more for the larger and more expensive iPhone models, which bodes well for a phablet sized iPhone 8 model.

Approximately 40 percent of iPhone 7 sales when to the 5.5-inch Plus model during Apple's December 2016 quarter. In comparison, 23 percent of customers purchased the iPhone 6s Plus the year prior.

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a design revamp and a host of updated specs, which all lean toward a higher price. A possible iPhone 8 Plus may be even pricier still as Apple may continue to add special features to the phablet model that are not seen on the standard slate model.

The iPhone 7 Plus, which launched in September 2016, introduced a RAM increase, a dual-lens camera to Apple’s smartphone line, as well as a $20 price hike to $769. The iPhone 7 did not include these features and sold at a starting price of $649. The average price for an iPhone at the end of 2016 was $693, up $2 from the year prior, according to the WSJ .

While the iPhone 7 hasn’t sold with the voracity of previous models, analysts expect many owners are holding out for the iPhone 8 due to the last three iPhones having similar designs and features.

Recent rumors suggest the iPhone 8 will feature a facial recognition, IP68 water resistance and a flexible OLED display. Apple’s traditional iPhone launch window is the second to third week of September.

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