iPhone 8 Wireless Charge Rumors: Apple To Use In-House Induction Charging Technology, Says Analyst [PATENT IMAGES]

Apple Patent
Inductive charging of iPhone device by a Macbook US Patent office

There has been rumors of wireless charging making its way to the iPhone 8 since last year and new reports from a Copperfield Research investor's note shed more light on the technology Apple will be using. Early reports announced radio frequency-based (RF) wireless charging company Energous made a deal with "one of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world." However, the new reports from Copperfield suggest Apple is abandoning RF for an in-house inductive charging solution instead.

"Apple has filed more than 16 patent applications covering aspects of inductive charging, which is the magnetic coil based wireless charging used in Samsung phones and Apple Watches," Copperfield's note stated. "The extensive Apple patent portfolio covers both the design and manufacturing of coils, as well as transmitters and receivers. Further, Apple’s engineering focus in its patent filings explicitly incorporates inductive charging into handsets."

If the Apple Watch isn't enough evidence to suggest the direction Apple will take with its next iPhone, Copperfield also noted that the Cupertino company has been quite outspoken about RF wireless charging's flaws and weaknesses:

Copperfield Research iPhone 8 Wireless Charging
Apple on the flaws and weaknesses in Radio Frequency-based wireless charging technology. Photo: Copperfield Research

In fact, recent rumors help support Copperfield's claim. Unlike RF, inductive charging cannot effectively penetrate an aluminum case, which explains why the next iPhone will reportedly opt for all-glass body. What's more, Copperfield's report also noted Apple has partnered with Lite-On Semiconductor for wireless charging bridge rectifiers. These bridge rectifiers are used to convert AC to DC, which is a necessary component for inductive charging applications.

Check out some of Apple's patents below, complete with diagrams showing various inductive charging solutions, including an induction charging assembly within the iPhone, a table top device, or even an induction charging hidden within a MacBook.

Apple Patent
Retail table top incorporating multiple inductive charging coils Photo: US Patent office
Apple Patent
Inductive assembly for iPhone Photo: US Patent office
Apple Patent
Inductive charging of iPhone device by a Macbook Photo: US Patent office


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