Apex Legends Teases Tomorrow's Update With Season 4 Gameplay Trailer

The wait has finally come to an end with Apex Legends dropping the gameplay trailer for Season 4 - Assimilation. Just two days ago, Respawn released the launch trailer for Apex Legends, introducing the new legend, Revenant. In the gameplay trailer, we get to see more of Revenant, his abilities, changes to World's Edge, and of course, the bolt-action sniper rifle.

Planet Harvester
Planet Harvester Player.One

The trailer kicks off with an announcement from Hammond Robotics about the company's vision for a bright future. We also get to see some glitches in the trailer, which looks like how World's Edge was before Hammond Robotics renovated it. We also see a new structure called 'Planet Harvester', which has been planted somewhere near the Geyser area of the World's Edge map.

Next, the Legends are introduced, donning their brand new cosmetics, which we assume could be a part of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

As the announcement comes to end, Revenant does not take much time to steal the show. Revenant drops in the new Planet Harvester area and takes out some Legends busy engaged in firefights. The scene then shifts to Wraith, Lifelife, and Wattson showing off their new legendary and rare costumes, which are a part of the new Season 4 Battle Pass. It appears as though both Wraith and Wattson are equipped with new weapon cosmetics for the R-301 AR.

Wraith Cosmetic
Wraith Cosmetic Player.One
Wattson Cosmetic
Wattson Cosmetic Player.One

Revenant's Ultimate ability looks as though he summons some skulls from the ground and creates an energy field, which he and his squadmates use to turn into shadows. It also seems like turning into a shadow will make Legends invincible and taking damage causes them to disappear in thin air. We also get to Revenant being able to climb the side of a building, just like how Legends who turned into Shadows were able to scale anything in the Fight or Fright event last year.

Revenant Apex Legends
Revenant Apex Legends Player.One

Revenant also has some kind of a special grenade that stuns enemies and restricts their movement. He also does his terrifying finisher on a poor Mirage.

Sentinel Sniper Rifle
Sentinel Sniper Rifle Apex Legends

Finally, the trailer wraps up with the reveal of the Sentinel sniper rifle. Not a lot could be learned from the short clip in the trailer, but we hope to see more information and in-depth announcements on the new Legends, new map changes, and the new weapon tomorrow alongside the patch notes.

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