Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer Reveals Rampart As The New Legend

Apex Legends Season 6
Apex Legends Season 6 Forbes

Respawn dropped a surprise Season 6 trailer for Apex Legends, revealing the upcoming Legend, Rampart. Previously, Respawn always informed players about any upcoming trailers or reveals by scheduling their videos or sprinkling teases on Twitter, but not this time. Take a look at the colorful trailer below:

Of course, the highlight of the trailer is Rampart, who seems to be accompanied by a mounted machine gun named Shiela. Apex Legends' Season 6 is titled Boosted, and it will begin on August 18.

There isn't much that we know about Rampart as of now, but Respawn says that she had to make a name for herself by participating in underground fights. It also seems that Rampart is of Indian origin, another great way for Respawn to add diversity to the game.

Rampart's abilities remain a mystery for now, however several dataminers have suggested that her potential abilities include:

  • Amped Cover [Tactical]: A cover system that blocks incoming shots and increases the damage output of outgoing shots.
  • Emplaced HMG [Ultimate]: Placing a mounted machine gun that can be used by anyone. The machine gun will have high ammo capacity but also a long reload time.
  • Fixer: Rampart can use a wrench to repair certain structures.
  • Cover Fire: Firing from Amped Cover overcharges weapon damage.
  • Gunner: Machine guns will have high magazine capacity and quicker reload time.

Well, that's just the beginning of what's coming in Season 6. There also will be a new crafting system that allows players to collect materials and upgrade their weapons. Finally, an energy-based SMG called the Volt is making its way to the game. The Volt was a popular weapon in Titanfall 2, boasting low recoil and faster reloads. It was also a hit-scan weapon in Titanfall 2 and we'll have to wait and see if that turns to be the same in Apex Legends, as well.

For more Apex Legends news, stay tuned.

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