Apex Legends Revelry: Firing Range Update, Orientation Match, and QoL Features

First Apex Legends international competition set this September.
First Apex Legends international competition set this September. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry goes live tomorrow and is adding some highly-demanded features into the game, including TDM, a Mixtape playlist, and much more. We have covered all of it in great detail in our previous article. But that’s not all as Season 16 is bringing crucial updates to Firing Range along with several QoL features.

The Orientation Match is also added to the game, only available to new players and should help them learn the game better. Existing players can play the said match only if they queue with new players.

Firing Range Update
  • Added options to customize your firing range experience
  • Dummies can now strafe left and right! You control how fast they move, whether they should crouch, and their shield level.
  • Dynamic stats appear any time you deal damage, letting you track your performance.
  • Hit indicators help you keep track of spray patterns.
  • Unlimited ammo means no more trips back to the gun racks to reload.
  • This is the first of several rounds of updates to the firing range, so we will keep an eye on how the community uses the new tools.
Quality of Life
  • Added map rotation previews to the game mode selector in the lobby.
  • Players can now be any team in Gun Run.
  • Increased the odds of becoming Team Nessie in Gun Run.
  • Team Nessie is now viewable for all teams.
  • Added new indicator on HUD unit frames for the Ratings Leader in Control.
  • Consumables now show a progress bar for teammates next to their unit frame on the HUD. Similar to reviving.
  • Added damage to the scoreboard in Control.
  • Increased the minimum distance between airdropped replicators and other airdrops.
  • Map Features when accessing the Full Map now reflect currently selected Class Perk info. Additionally, the Hot Zone map feature description is removed from the Full Map while the Hot Zone is hidden from the map.
  • When in Firing Range, players now regain full health and shields when they reselect their legend in the legend select menu.
  • Added ability to ping for an optic even if the optic attachment slot is filled.
  • Slightly increased audio for enemies attaching, riding, and detaching from Ziprails.
  • Adding Credits to Items inspired and designed by Creators.

Apex Legends Revelry also brings balancing changes to several weapons and reworks how Legend Classes work. The complete patch notes are available via the official site.

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