Apex Legends: The Powerful Peacekeeper Shotgun Receives A Nerf

Peacekeeper ArtStation

Apex Legends, the battle royale game that launched earlier this year, has nerfed the powerful Peacekeeper shotgun. The Peacekeeper, along with other shotguns, received a small tweaking in the November 5 patch, which increased the width between shotgun projectiles. The current patch, however, introduced two minor nerfs to the Peacekeeper. Following the patch, the rechamber time for the shotgun has been increased from 1.1 seconds to 1.2 seconds and the headshot multiplier has been reduced to 1.25 from 1.5.

The recent nerf can also turn out to be a buff for the shotgun as wider gaps between pellets may help in connecting shots over long distances. With the precision choke attachment, the shotgun will still be a beast in a good player’s hands and will easily chip away at enemy armor at longer ranges.

The new nerf can indeed be a matter of life and death in certain situations. However, players did point out that this was not the change they were expecting. Professional players like Rogue noted that others are concerned about the pellet size rather than the time between shots or damage multiplier. As a response to the official Tweet from Apex Legends, Rogue and other players have mentioned that this change will not completely address the issue that players have been dealing with.

Apart from the weapon itself, a recent Reddit survey from Dot Esports has found that about 77% of players still think that Pathfinder’s ability is still overpowered and requires balancing. However, 91% of players think that Mirage should receive a buff.

We can, however, expect a few more nerfs or rebalancing changes to the Peacekeeper shotgun in the near future.

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