Apex Legends Offering Exclusive Unique Legends Loot For Twitch Prime Members

The Wattson "Sweet Dreams" character skin.
The Wattson "Sweet Dreams" character skin. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is offering unique Legends loot exclusively for Twitch Prime members. This special offer includes four unique Apex Legends skin drops. The first of these is The Wattson "Sweet Dreams" character skin, along with the L-Star "Stellar Stallion" weapon skin.

To be eligible for this offer, players need a Twitch Prime Membership. For those who have an Amazon Prime subscription, all that needs to be done is to simply need to link a Twitch and Amazon account. This offer can only be applied one to a single EA account as well as a single platform.

The preview for the second skin drop is the Dino Dynamo Bangalore skin, though no schedule has been given. The third drop is expected to be an Octane skin, while the fourth one will feature Mirage and another new weapon skin.

Apex Legends recently released Season 2, which introduces the Leviathans. This is due to the collapse of the Repulsor Tower in Kings Canyon and resulted in allowing the presence of new creatures in the arena. The creatures have entered Kings Canyon and destroyed several familiar locations. Aside from the Leviathans, the Flyers have smelled blood and chose the Shattered Forest as their nesting grounds.

New installations have been constructed as well, with the most eye-catching of them all being the Cage. This six-story structure is targeted to draw competitors to supplies like moths to a flame.

Learning from the lessons of the previous season, Apex Legends Season 2 is offering players a new mechanic with the Battle Pass Challenges system. During Season 1, players had complained that a ton of grind was needed in order to progress in the Battle Pass. This time, Apex Legends has released a system that means less grind. Daily and Weekly Challenges offer players a new way to make progress in the Battle Pass. The new system also gives players the chance to access challenges, even if they started playing late into the new season.

Along with the new season, Apex Legends also launched Ranked Leagues. With this, competitive players now have a place where they not only can prove just how good they are, but also get recognized for their efforts. The Ranked Leagues also ensures that players having a certain skill level are matched with players at a similar level.

You can learn more about the new Challenges system here and the Ranked Leagues here.

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