Apex Legends Season 2 Offers Players New Challenges System

Apex Legends offers new challenges system for Season 2.
Apex Legends offers new challenges system for Season 2. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends revealed that the Battle Pass for the upcoming Season 2 is going to offer something new. The focus is on the Challenges system of the game. According to the team at Respawn Entertainment, the change was a result of the feedback given during Season 1. A number of players had complained how the old system resulted in needing to grind in order to make any progress.

For Season 2, the Respawn team said in a post that the system developed ensures "for significantly greater Battle Pass progress with less grind over less time for players who return on a regular basis and maximize their Challenge resets." Players are therefore given Daily and Weekly Challenges in order to level up their Battle Pass.

At least half of the Week Challenges can result in an entire Battle Pass level as a reward. The remaining challenges, which include the Daily Challenges, grant STARS instead. When combined with match XP, this can result to a repeatable Weekly Challenge that can give a full Battle Pass level for each completion. It should be noted that STARS are XP that are specific to the Battle Pass. What this means is that STARS do not have any impact whatsoever on the Account Level progression.

For the specifics of the challenges:

  • Daily Challenges
    • Each day, players receive three new Daily Challenges chosen randomly from a pool of over two hundred.
    • These challenges range from “Deal 200 Damage in Bunker” to “Play 1 game as Lifeline” and are intended to be achievable in a short play session.
    • Completing the daily challenge earns 3,000 STARS each.
    • The challenge pool resets every day, so be sure to check back regularly to maximize Battle Pass progress.
  • Weekly Challenges
    • Each week, players receive a set of seven new Weekly Challenges.
    • These challenges are intended to take several play sessions to complete and range from "Get 20 Kills as Gibraltar, Bangalore, or Mirage” to “Loot 100 Epic items.”
    • Four of the Weekly Challenges are worth 6,000 STARS each for a total of 24,000 STARS.
    • Three of the Weekly Challenges grant an entire Battle Pass level each upon completion.
  • Weekly Resetting Challenges
    • Each week, players get an additional set of three special resetting Weekly Challenges. These are the same every week and refresh even if you haven’t completed them.
    • Players need to Keep a careful eye on these to make maximum Battle Pass progress:
      • Complete five Daily Challenges – Rewards one Battle Pass level
      • Complete 10 Daily Challenges – Rewards one Battle Pass level
      • Earn 9,000 STARS and/or match XP – Rewards one Battle Pass level
        • This quest may be repeated an unlimited number of times each week.
        • Each completion increases the STARS and/or match XP required for the next by 9,000, up to a maximum of 54,000.
        • Players need 9,000 for the first level, 18,000 for the second level, etc.
        • The challenge resets to 9,000 each week.

What makes the system great is that even if players starts the season late, they can access all the previous challenges. So if players start in week 4, they can instantly access the challenges for weeks 1 to 4.

Season 2 of Apex Legends begins tomorrow, July 2.

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