Apex Legends: New Legend Has Eyes That Can Kill

Apex Legends Seer
Apex Legends Seer Twitter/@alphaINTEL

Respawn Entertainment has recently released a short animated video that teases a new legend coming to Apex Legends.

The new character is named Seer. According to the animated video called “Metamorphosis,” it seems that the latest legend may have special eyes that can “reduce kings to beggars and oceans to deserts.”

It is unclear what Seer’s entire kit is since there is still no concrete information about it at the time of writing. However, if the official page is anything to go by, it would appear that he has some microdrones which he can use at his disposal.

Further, Seer appears to have the ability to spot opportunities that other legends might miss and he can also seize them most beautifully. It is hard to think about how that applies to a battle royale game, but the intrigue surrounding the upcoming legend would pique the players’ interest for sure.

Seer is said to be part of the Emergence update, which will mark the start of Season 10 and is expected to go live on August 3. He is also likely to be showcased in the upcoming EA Play 2021 event on July 22.

Other New Content

Aside from a new character, players can also expect other changes. For one, the World’s Edge map is going to receive an overhaul. It would appear that it will no longer have its iconic Train Yard landmark.

A new weapon called the Rampage LMG will also be added in Season 10. The gun was invented by Rampart, and EA says that it has a "surprising source of firepower." Could this weapon pave the way for a new meta to emerge? We will just have to wait and see.

Competitive players will be happy to know that Ranked Arenas will be introduced by Emergence. Ranked play is expected on both the battle royale and 3v3 game modes, so this just makes things pretty exciting for everyone.

The Emergence update bringing the above-mentioned content will launch on August 3. However, more information is expected to be revealed in the upcoming EA Play 2021 live event on July 22. The pre-show will start at 1 p.m. EST.

So, what do you think about the new legend?

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