Apex Legends May Bring Back Shadow Royale This Halloween

Shadow Royale
Shadow Royale Daily Esports

As part of the Halloween celebrations this year, Apex Legends may bring back the Shadow Royale limited-time mode which was first introduced last year. The Shadow Royale mode is set during nighttime at King's Canyon. In Shadow Royale, the game begins as a regular BR match, but as soon as players start dying, they respawn back as shadows tasked with taking out the remaining players.

Shadow Royale will likely kick off towards the end of the month. Apex Legends will also likely introduce new cosmetic items similar to last year. In fact, some of the Halloween themed cosmetics have already been leaked.

Although we don't have any official information on what the Shadow Royale mode will entail, a dataminer going with the name of Biast12 has shared some interesting information on how this year's Shadow Royale will be different from last year. Biast12 has stated that this time around, Shadows can wall run, smash doors, double jump, and they have increased melee distance. Interestingly, Biast12 also stated that Shadows will be able to regenerate when outside of combat, and performing a finisher will grant instant health regeneration. The combination of improved traversal and the capacity to withstand some incoming gunfire should make Shadow players a force to reckon with.

In addition to that, Biast12 also mentioned that despite converting into Shadows, players will still be able to support their squad and even revive downed teammates. Interestingly, the dataminer also suggested that upon dying, Shadows will spawn a Prowler (a lion-like creature within the Titanfall Universe).

The Shadow Royale event should begin toward the end of the month after the ongoing Aftermarket Collection event has come to an end. The Aftermarket Collection also includes exclusive cosmetics, and purchasing all the cosmetics in the collection unlocks Caustic's heirloom.

Apex Legends is free to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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