Apex Legends' Loba Could Be Seeing Interesting Changes In The Future

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Apex Legends contains a roster of unique characters with game-changing abilities. The importance of balancing these characters is crucial for a healthy metagame. Recently, the devs at Respawn Entertainment have noticed that Loba, a Legend who was introduced in Season 5, could use some improvements.

Season 6 offered players a ton of new content, but it also introduced a host of new issues. A Respawn senior designer has acknowledged that after Season 6, Loba has become lackluster and she could use some buffs. Many players feel that Loba could use a better Ultimate instead of just allowing her and her teammates to loot a limited amount of supplies from an area.

Loba also recieved a small buff in Season 6 which reduced the cooldown on her Ultimate. However, this buff only increased her chances of exploiting a glitch even more. The Apex Legends community is calling for some quality of life changes for the Legend to make her an attractive pick and to be all-around more effective.

A Reddit user also posted a list of changes that Loba could use, and the post soon caught the attention of Apex developer Daniel Klien. Klien has previously responded to Loba-related posts and this time he also brought a developer's perspective to the table. Klien stated that the team is currently working on a fix for Loba, which will prevent her from using the Ultimate until her team has already looted a nearby area.

The Reddit poster also suggested that Loba's tactical ability could also use some changes such as allowing the Legend to be fully mobile while using the tactical and the ability to recall the bracelet mid-throw. Klien has acknowledged the concerns around Loba's tactical and he has said that the team will eventually address them.

It's good to see that the developers are actively engaged with the player base to improve their game. Given how complex this battle royale is, it could certainly use some help and insights from fans.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Switch version of the game is currently in development, and cross-play is scheduled to release in the next few months.

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