Apex Legends Players Discover New Bugs In Season 6

Apex Legends Bugs
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Apex Legends' Season 6 has been a complete blast. The Season has clearly changed the weapon meta, making energy weapons a lucrative pick. However, with the new Season, there are bound to be new bugs. Players have started to uncover them as the Season progresses. Season 6's first glitch was related to the new Legend Rampart, who seemingly crashed the game. Thankfully, this has since been fixed.

However, another Rampart-related bug is still lingering around that makes heirloom weapons weak against the Legend's Amp Shield. Rampart's Amped Cover is a great defensive utility that protects her and her teammates from incoming fire. The shield also amps up the damage of outgoing fire, inflicting more pain to enemies. The shield has limited HP and can be destroyed by shooting or meleeing it. Currently, however, trying to destroy the shield using an heirloom melee weapon seems to be a struggle.

A Reddit user shared a clip of the new bug that shows how they had to hit the shield 14 times with an heirloom weapon to destroy it. However, the shield easily fell away with only two normal punches.

The news has been received by Respawn's game director, Chad Greiner, who has promised that the issue will be fixed sometime next week as the team is currently enjoying a week off.

Another issue that has been agitating players is weapons going silent when firing. Respawn is also aware of this issue and a fix is currently in the works.

Some players have also reported a notorious bug that prevents players from reviving their teammates, which may cause the downed player to think that their teammate is deliberately ignoring them.

While some worrisome bugs are plaguing the game, the Season itself has been an enjoyable experience so far. The introduction of the new energy-based Volt SMG and energy weapon hop-ups have encouraged players to pick energy weapons over others. The new Legend Rampart is also a defensive powerhouse. As Respawn squashes out these known bugs, Season 6 will definitely turn out to be a great experience for fans.

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