Apex Legends Limited-Time Solo Mode Starts Next Week

Apex Legends' Ice Crown Collection event launches next week on August 13.
Solos Mode has finally come to Apex Legends!
Solos Mode has finally come to Apex Legends! Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has just announced its upcoming Ice Crown Collection event, featuring new items, new cosmetics, and the arrival of the highly-anticipated Solos mode. The event will span two weeks and will begin next Tuesday on August 13.

Since Apex Legends launched last February, one of the features that many in the community have been clamoring for is the addition of a Solos Mode. Thanks to the limited-time Ice Crown Collection event which will start next week on August 13 and conclude on August 27, Apex Legends players will finally be able to play the game solo.

For a limited time only, unless Respawn opts to extend the game mode, players can enter King's Canyon as a lone wolf, and compete with other solo players as well. While it sounds simple enough, the new Solos mode will drastically impact the way gamers play Apex Legends, which is primarily a team game designed to be played with a squad of three players. However, due to matchmaking issues solo play is something that fans have been begging for for a while now.

While most of the Apex Legends community is overjoyed at the news of a new Solos mode starting next week, not everyone is as enthusiastic. Some high-level players have already taken to their respective platforms to criticize the Solos mode, saying that it will undoubtedly fail given the nature of the game. After all, Apex Legends was designed to give each playable character unique abilities to encourage teamplay and coordination. Therefore, game balance is one of the rising concerns regarding the upcoming Solos mode.

That said, there's really nothing to do at this point but wait for the Ice Crown Collection event to commence, and get in on the Solos Mode bandwagon alongside possibly hundreds of thousands of other enthusiastic solo players, and see where it goes from there.

What do you think about the upcoming Ice Crown Collection event and limited-time Solos mode? Will you be playing Solo in King's Canyon? Which legends do you think will perform the best as a team of one? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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