Apex Legends Introduces Battle Armor Event Before Season 5

Apex Legends Battle Armor Event
Apex Legends Battle Armor Event Dot Esports

With Apex Legends' Season 5 approaching, Respawn has released some exciting news for awaiting fans. As the Bloodhound's Trial limited-time event has come to an end, Apex Legends is introducing an all-new Battle-Armor event to keep us all engaged until Season 5 drops.

Even though we expect Season 5 to drop early May, but it seems that Respawn has delayed the season's release until May 12. However, before the new season starts, fans will be able to enjoy a short limited-time mode called the Battle-Armor event, which will allow players to start the match with a body shield and a P2020 pistol.

The most recent Apex Legends event introduced the long-requested permanent addition of Duos mode to the game, as well as the inclusion of Kings Canyon. Additionally, Respawn also implemented some buffs to Revenant and Lifeline. We also know when the Season 4 Assimilation Battle Pass will come to an end. The Battle Pass should conclude on May 5 at 1:00 PM ET. After this time, the Battle Pass will be locked. If you have a few Battle Pass levels to complete, now is the time to get grinding and level up.

There were no delays in Season 4 Assimilation dropping after Season 3, however, given the global pandemic, Respawn seems to be having taking its time releasing the new update. Respawn has also hinted that Season 5 should kick off on May 12th as the Battle Armor event comes to an end.

Even though Battle Royales are all about RNG first and skill next, Respawn is trying to balance out that curve by allowing players to drop with armor and a pistol. This is what Call of Duty's Warzone has done to combat the RNG element of the Battle Royale genre. It's also quite pleasant to see that Respawn is trying everything to improve the quality of the game and keep fans entertained.

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