Apex Legends' Holo Day Bash Event Returns On December 1

Apex Legends Holo Day Bash
Apex Legends Holo Day Bash Shacknews

Apex Legends is gearing up for yet another fun event this season. However, instead of introducing a new event, Respawn has decided to bring back the fan-favorite Holo Day Bash event.

The Holo Day Bash event was introduced last year, and it featured a limited-time game mode called Winter Express along with exclusive event-themed cosmetics for sale. The Winter Express event tasked players with capturing a train moving around the World's Edge map. The Holo Day Bash event will kick off on December 1.

In addition to the limited-time mode, this year's Holo Day Bash will also be introducing all-new winter-themed skins for your favorite Legends, including, Bloodhound, Crypto, Loba, Horizon, Rampart, and Revenant.

Respawn Entertainment also posted a short trailer announcing the Holo Day Bash event. The trailer gives us a look at a snow-covered Capitol City, the train in operation again, and character and weapon cosmetics.

Speaking of weapon cosmetics, the trailer showed off a variety of weapons that will be receiving winter-themed cosmetics, including the Spitfire, R-99, and L-Star. Additionally, there will also be a separate event-specific reward track, and completing it will reward players with Legend and weapon cosmetics.

It also appears that Mirage's hover tanks will appear again, but this time it seems there are going to be more than one of these hover tanks.

Apex Legends' season 7 has been a massive hit among fans, despite the new season introducing a variety of bugs. The season gave fans a brand-new map called Olympus, introduced a new Legend named Horizon, and brought back everyone's favorite SMG, the R-99. Season 7 also made some quality of life changes to popular Legends like Pathfinder and Wraith. Additionally, the season also nerfed and buffed a few weapons. And, as a result of bringing back the R-99 to the normal loot pool, the Prowler has now become a legendary weapon, available only in care packages.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game also in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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