Apex Legends Bug Makes Sounds Audible From Further Away

Apex Legends Season 7
Apex Legends Season 7 EA

Apex Legends' Season 7 has been a major hit already, introducing fans to a new Legend and a brand-new map. However, just like the previous Season, Season 7 is also plagued with bugs, and one of the most annoying bugs discovered by players is a bizarre audio issue.

In Apex Legends, sound operates just like any other modern online shooter. You can hear enemy footsteps, weapon sounds, and enemy healing sounds. However, this only applies when you are relatively close to an enemy. The newly discovered bug is causing players to hear healing sounds from as far as 700 meters away.

The bug was demonstrated by prominent Apex Legends content creator MokeySniper, who posted a demonstration video on both Reddit and YouTube. In the video, Mokey set his system audio to 100% and the in-game audio to 100%. He then went to a location where there wasn't much action and sound going on, and soon he was able to hear multiple medkit and shield healing sounds.

Mokey also shared a hypothesis on what could be causing this bug. According to his explanation, Apex Legends plays all healing sounds to all players in a giant radius. However, there could be a glitch in the current Season that could be affecting other sounds in the game. While no Apex Legends dev has responded to the hypothesis, the theory sounds plausible, and the content creator's efforts are appreciable.

Apex Legends has been plagued with various audio-related bugs since it was released. Besides the healing audio glitch, players have also reported inaudible enemy footsteps, silent enemy weapons, and the sound of Horizon's Ultimate playing throughout the length of the game.

A week ago, an Apex Legends developer informed fans on Reddit that Respawn is currently working on fixing the audio issues, but details on what sounds are going to be fixed remain unclear.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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