Apex Legends: How To Use Hemlock In Full Auto

It’s a sneaky little workaround that’ll help you max out your DPS.
Hemlock on full-auto sounds game-changing.
Hemlock on full-auto sounds game-changing. Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to the ingenuity of some active Apex Legends players, we’ve found out that with some button mapping techniques and specific PC equipment, many of the game’s single-shot or burst-fire weapons can actually be fired as fully automatic guns. Although this doesn’t really make a difference for some of the game’s less-accurate and lower-damage burst-fire SMGs and pistols, using this trick on the Hemlock might just help players max out their DPS.

The Hemlock burst Assault Rifle is a hard-hitting, slow-firing weapon that uses heavy ammo. It fires a three-round burst, and is ideal for mid- to long-range combat. However, where it performs quite poorly is close quarters combat, where rapid-firing weapons often yield the best results. Thanks to Redditor mnkymnk, we’ve discovered that Hemlock, and many other single-firing and burst-firing weapons in the game, can be worked around to give the effect of fully-automatic rapid fire. Apparently, Apex Legends allows players to assign up to two buttons for every in-game action. By applying two buttons to Shoot, players can simulate higher rates of fire.

In the video mnkymnk has graciously uploaded alongside his public service announcement on the r/apexlegends subreddit, we can see the Hemlock and P2020 - both of which are slow-firing weapons. The former is a burst-fire assault rifle and the latter a standard semi-automatic handgun. However, thanks to a nifty little trick, we see the Hemlock and P2020 unload their magazine in seemingly full-auto.

While this works on just about any weapon, the biggest impact it’ll have will be on the harder-hitting weapons with a typically slower rate of fire. As we mentioned previously, Hemlock is designed for mid- to long-range combat, but with the ability to fire the Hemlock in full auto, this weapon all of a sudden becomes the best and most versatile weapon in the game.

The Hemlock is three-round burst assault rifle that deals heavy damage at medium to long range.
The Hemlock is three-round burst assault rifle that deals heavy damage at medium to long range. Respawn Entertainment

What do you think about this development so far? Will you be trying this trick yourself, wielding fully-automatic burst-fires to surprise your enemies? Or is this something you’d like to see fixed or addressed in the coming patches? Let us know in the comments section below!

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