Apex Legends Battle Pass, Leak Confusion Addressed By Developers

Respawn Entertainment responds to all the recent rumors about Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment responds to all the recent rumors about Apex Legends EA

The internet is filled with rumors about Apex Legends right now, especially about the release of the battle royale game’s first Battle Pass and new Legend characters. The rumors got to be so loud, developer Respawn Entertainment has addressed them. This information comes from a thread on the Apex Legends subreddit, created by a Respawn community manager.

The thread addresses two points. The first is about the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, the rumors about the Battle Pass releasing today are false. The community manager mentioned details about the Battle Pass will be announced “very soon,” but don’t expect it immediately.

The next update is a more general announcement about leaks and data mining. Respawn says there are interesting things found in the Apex Legends code, but it doesn’t necessarily mean whatever is found will be playable. Respawn tests out new game modes and ideas frequently, and some of this code might make it into a live build. That said, if it’s found in the game files, it might not ever release.

Additionally, Apex Legends probably shares some code with Respawn’s previous game Titanfall 2. It wouldn’t be surprising to know Respawn carried some of its previous work over to their new battle royale game, which means there might be references to a previous game found in the code. This could cause confusion about what might be planned for the future of Apex Legends.

The post does end confirming there is a new Legend coming soon, but no other hints or teases were included.

On the other hand, some evidence has been found that seems a little too hard to ignore. For example, Gaming INTEL uncovered lines of dialogue that hint at Titans coming at some point in the future. While experimental code is one thing, having voice actors record lines of written dialogue is another.

Ultimately, all we can really do is wait and see what Respawn Entertainment announces next. That means taking all the leaks and data mining with a big grain of salt. Like always, nothing is official until it has been announced by the developers.

So what do you think? Are you bummed to hear that Apex Legends isn’t releasing a Battle Pass today? What do you think about all the recent leaks and rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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