Apex Legends Guide: Ballistic Abilities Explained

Apex Legends: Ballistic EA

The newest season of Apex Legends aka Arsenal is now live worldwide. Unlike the previous season, players get a new legend in Season 17. The addition is appropriately named "Ballistic" because he will remind you of John Wick but older.

Ballistic's real name is August Montgomery Brinkman and he's a native of Gaea. If you want a deep dive into his background, feel free to check out our previous article. Here, we will tell you all about his abilities.

Assault Class

Ballistic belongs to the Assault Class, giving him access to all relevant skills. He can get high-value attachments by accessing secret compartments in Red Weapon Supply bins. He can also carry an extra stack of ammo in each inventory slot. The Assault Class usually leads the attack so it is obvious that they would need more ammo.

Legend Abilities

Passive Ability – Sling

Ballistic is the only character in-game with access to a third weapon that is not its primary ability (like Rampart and Vantage). He can pick up three weapons from the ground or crate, and the third weapon will go to his sling. The sling weapon is accessible via inventory or character utility action. It is also crucial to note that this weapon won't take any attachments.

We recommend that you pick up a shotgun as the third weapon for it's a great choice even without attachments.

Tactical Ability – Whistler

Whistler allows Ballistic to mess with his opponents' weapons. When stuck with a Whistler projectile, the enemy's guns will heat up upon firing. If they continue firing the weapon, it will overheat and cause damage to the shooter. Players will need to hold the tactical button to lock on Whistler's projectile to enemies.

Ultimate Ability – Tempest

Ballistic's ultimate ability is a must-use when you go guns blazing toward your opponents. Tempest gives you and nearby teammates unlimited ammo, faster reload, and quicker unarmed movement speed. Activating the ability will also equip Ballistic's sling weapon and upgrade it to its gold version.

So, what do you think? Do you think Ballistic is a suitable legend for you? Have you been playing Apex Legends recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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