Redfall: All Four Hero Abilities Explained

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Redfall's recent launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC may not have made the waves Arkane and Microsoft are hoping for, but there are still tons of players who got interested in the co-op vampire slaughtering title.

Getting into a brand-new game could be quite challenging, especially if you have friends that depend on you. Redfall features four unique heroes, each with their own abilities. Some bring crowd control while others bring stealth.

Each hero has access to three skills and they are upgradable via a skill tree. Two of these recharge automatically and are usable after their cooldown, but the third, aka the ultimate skill, must be charged via Psychic Residue.

This guide should help you choose the character best suited to your needs.


Jacob, an ex-military sharpshooter turned private contractor, possesses a vampiric eye and a raven. He can activate his Cloak to turn invisible and sneak past enemies to get a drop on them. His Raven allows him to tag enemies, highlighting their location with a red outline for intel. His ultimate skill, Heartstopper, summons a psychic sniper rifle that lets him quickly take out multiple guards.


Devinder, a cryptozoologist and inventor, wields weapons of his own making. His three skills are specifically designed for crowd control and area-of-effect damage. With his Arc Javelin, Dev can deal damage to multiple enemies within range using chain lightning. He can also use Translocate to quickly teleport to a specific location. His ultimate skill, Blacklight, lets him stun enemies with a UV emitter, giving him an upper hand in enemy encounters.


If you always play support, Remi is the hero for you. She's a combat engineer equipped with a diverse set of abilities and has a robot companion named Bribón. Her C4 Charge lets you take out multiple opponents with an explosive device that sticks to surfaces. Her Siren allows Bribón to distract enemies by creating loud noises at a selected location. Her ultimate skill, Mobilize, creates a control point that heals or revives everyone within range.


Layla is a biomedical engineering student who underwent a medical trial gone wrong. She's a great character for those who love mobility and higher ground. With her Lift, Layla can summon a Telekinetic Elevator to quickly gain access to rooftops. Her Umbrella shields her and her team from incoming projectiles and can be launched forward as a Telekinetic Blast to damage enemies. Her ultimate skill, Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, summons a companion to assist in combat.

We hope this guide gives you an idea of what each hero is good for. So, get three of your friends and go after vampires that are in desperate need of some killing.

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