Apex Legends Development Team Says Waiting Area In Game Was Cut

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A glitch in Apex Legends has players raising questions about a feature long thought not to be part of the game. Many players have accepted that the game does not have a lobby or a "waiting area" similar to ones found in games like Fortnite.

A waiting area is where players typically gather together for a certain amount of time before proceeding to the actual match. While in this area, players can pick up weapons and even shoot opponents. The idea is that while the map is loading, the players who first enter the game have something to do before it reaches the required number of players. Games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Blackout, and PUBG, have such an area. Surprisingly, Apex Legends does not.

As mentioned, a glitch in the game has revealed what appears to be a waiting area. In most cases however, this area is "missed" since players immediately enter the match once they finish choosing their legend.

This has since been posted on Reddit, resulting in the development team from Respawn Entertainment making a comment. According to the dev team, Apex Legends did have a waiting room. However before the game was released, the team was able to lower the load times to a point that it was not necessary to have a waiting room. Thus it ended up being cut from the game.

One thing that players noticed about the glitch was that the loading area looked like the entrance to the training map or firing range. Further, it looked as if it was filled with players that were ready to board the dropship. This was confirmed by the dev team that it was indeed the same room that can be seen in training. This is the area where players begin in a little cave before heading out to slide down to the target range. The dev team also revealed that it was possible to pick up guns from the rack and shoot them, though it wasn't possible to hurt other players.

While it may be disappointing to know that there could have been a waiting room, the flip side is that the reason for this area getting the ax means faster loading times.

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