Anthem Takes Another Shot With Season Of Skulls

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New season is here. BioWare

While others gamers have let go of Anthem, BioWare appears to be holding on and doing what they can to salvage the game. With Cataclysm over, Anthem is offering a new season-long themed event. Dubbed "Season of Skulls," this new event offers new challenges and unique rewards.

So what is this new event all about? Well even with Cataclysm being silenced, the world of Anthem remains filled with dangers and unknown horrors. A thick fog has gathered among the trees while strange sounds echo in the distance. The people of Bastion have managed to rise against the darkness not only with defiance and determination, but also with celebration. Meanwhile, Fort Tarsis continues to stand tall with its colorful banners, towering bonfires, and most especially the bones of its fallen enemies. This new season marks a change from the necessity of survival to the celebration of courage in the face of darkness.

Starting the New Season

There are no level requirements when it comes to accessing this new content. That means any player can join Season of Skulls. However, players need to have finished the Incursion story to enter the Echoes of Reality level. While the area is pretty much similar to the one in Cataclysm, there are still some surprises in store.

Also like Cataclysm, the arenas in Season of Skulls are going to experience inversions. If you're not familiar, these are modifiers that force players to make changes in their gameplay, but doesn't impact their score. Inversions also reward different kinds of play and changes week to week throughout the season.

Anomalies and Enemies

For those who managed to unlock Freeplay, there are also season-related event that can be encountered. Known as Anomalies, these are pretty much like the Storm Gates from Cataclysm. Anomalies are faction-themed and need players to battle their way through challenging enemies. Completing them unlocks a "boss" event that can change weekly and hands out some of the best rewards.

Currency and War Chests

Throughout the event players earn Crystals that can be used to buy War Chests or purchase items at Herschel’s Hut. This is the store located in the Fort Tarsis market and positioned near the doors to the courtyard. The Season of Skulls also brings with it increased Legendary drop rates plus the chance to purchase a Legendary-only War Chest.

So what do you think? Are you willing to give Anthem another chance with Season of Skulls?

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