Anthem's Cataclysm Event Enters Final Week

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Cataclysm enters final week.
Cataclysm enters final week. BioWare

Anthem announced that the Cataclysm Event is about to enter its seventh and final week. BioWare gave an update on what players can expect, particularly for Echoes of Reality, Freeplay, and the Seasonal Store.

Echoes of Reality

In terms of changes made for Echoes of Reality, Anthem said that the last event added to Arenas was during Week 5. What this means is that there is no longer any need to learn new events. Instead, players now need to focus on maximizing their runs as well as their scores. For Inversions, players need to face two of them for the final week:

  • Broken Magazine
    • In this inversion, weapons do not have spare ammo. However, enemies drop ammo more often than usual.
  • Running on Empty
    • When you fire the last shot in a weapon's clip, all damage is increased for a short time.

The challenges in the Daily Cataclysm Arenas Challenge: Javelin War Chest continues in the final week. Items within the chest remain Masterwork (Level 66) with a chance to roll Legendary (Level 80). Each can be repeated daily:

  • Power of the Storm (Daily)
    • Finish three Cataclysm arenas using the Storm javelin and get one Storm War Chest as a reward.
  • Heart of the Ranger (Daily)
    • Finish three Cataclysm arenas using the Ranger javelin and get one Ranger War Chest as a reward.
  • Strength of the Colossus (Daily)
    • Finish three Cataclysm arenas using the Colossus javelin and get one Colossus War Chest as a reward.
  • Speed of the Interceptor (Daily)
    • Finish three Cataclysm arenas using the Interceptor javelin and get one Interceptor War Chest as a reward.

You can view all the new content arriving in the final week here.

Cataclysm was the big event introduced to Anthem since the game launched in February. There were questions whether BioWare would actually move forward with the event considering the issues Anthem was facing. The decision to launch the event was finally made in early August.

Surprisingly, Cataclysm had the feel of being a more polished and finished product. The Cataclysm event put heavy focus on coordination and teamwork. Here, players needed to use their unique abilities in order to work through various gameplay modifiers, earn seasonal currency, and progress through the integrated leaderboards.

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