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Anthem BioWare

Anthem is currently looking into matchmaking issues being reported by a number of players. This comes just as Anthem broke its one month silence and dropped update 1.20.

Anthem released update 1.20 on Wednesday. However, according to Anthem Global Community Manager Jesse Anderson, there were also changes made to the matchmaking with the goal of improving the game’s player experience. There may be longer wait times for some of the activities, but this should result in players getting a better chance of being matched with other players rather than being in an empty game.

Anderson had said that the team at BioWare is keeping a close watch on player feedback in relation to this update, especially if they need to make some adjustments. In a tweet, Anderson said that for matchmaking, the maximum wait time should be three minutes. However it appears that it is taking longer than intended. Anderson shared that he plans to “bring this to the attention of the team” so that it can be looked into.

On Wednesday, the official Anthem twitter account finally became active after a month of silence, tweeting that an update was released. The update didn’t really bring any significant changes to the game, or even add new content. One big change the update offered was to allow players the choice to fast-travel during freeplays. This lets players teleport to any of the strider locations on the map. Other changes include tweaks to the gear and the usual general bug fixes.

Aside from the new update, BioWare also provided an update to the Cataclysm event. This event was initially scheduled to be released before May ended, but was later put on an indefinite delay back in April. BioWare then said that rather than continuing to release new content, it was prioritizing on fixing bugs, improving the game flow, and improve game stability.

While the announcement may have been welcome to players, it may not be what they expected. Rather than providing a release date, the studio said that they are asking for help from players to test the event first.

Following the initial announcement in 2017, Anthem was expected by many to be one of the best games of the year once released. A bug-addled launch, combined with various stability and performance issues, has resulted in Anthem being one of the most disappointing games instead.

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