Anthem Enters Fifth Week Of Cataclysm Event

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Week 5 is here.
Week 5 is here. BioWare

BioWare looks to be serious in supporting Anthem as it has started the fifth week of its Cataclym Event. This comes at a time when Anthem's woes continue with reports saying that its lead producer has left the studio. Still, this update is something that loyal fans can look forward to.

For this week, the final arena for Cataclysm is introduced and is dubbed the “Sea of Takaro” event. Located in the “Dark Passage” district, the goal of this latest event is to carry three echoes to the echo consoles at the top of the water tunnel in order to disable the emitter field.

Like other events, players need to keep an eye on the light solutions in the puzzle to see if they are doing everything correctly. In this puzzle, players get to experience echoes, pressure plates, water tunnels, spawns of wolves, and even Dominion soldiers. While the arenas are optional before taking on Vara, players that plan to put up a high score and top the leaderboards need to complete them.

For this week, the Inversions Changes are:

  • From the Skies
    • Heat build-up while hovering is decreased.
  • Air Support
    • Defeating an enemy while hovering grants increased damage while on the ground for a short time; stacks up to 5 times.

According to Community Manager Jesse Anderson, Weapon War Chests and Melee War Chests are still going to be part of the event. Not only that, the game is adding all other previous War Chests, plus four new War Chests. These are:

  • New War Chests
    • War Chest: Ranger
    • War Chest: Interceptor
    • War Chest: Storm
    • War Chest: Colossus

These new war chests cost two Major plus 100 Minor crystals to open. While this is clearly expensive, it eliminates the possibility of getting a piece for a non preferred suit by granting a javelin specific item. Each chest includes one Gear, Support, or Melee piece for the javelin of that War Chest.

Anthem is reminding players that all War Chests allow them to trade in Crystals for a Masterwork item, with a chance to roll Legendary. The chests are also the only way to acquire the level 66 MW and level 80 LEG items.

Returning War Chests include:

  • War Chest: Weapon
    • Grants one item from the new pool of weapons (which include MW and LEG variants)
      • Pulse Accelerators
      • Volt Casters
      • Blade Slingers.
    • These weapons are not javelin specific, so they can be used across all suits. (If you’re just jumping in or want more details on the new weapons, check out the 1.3.0 Update Notes)
  • War Chest: Gear
    • Grants one Gear piece for a random javelin.
  • War Chest: Melee
    • Grants one Melee weapon for a random javelin.
  • War Chest: Support
    • Grants one Support gear piece for a random javelin.

You can read a complete list of additions that arrived in Week Five here.

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