It’s Another Bonus Currency Week In DC Universe Online

A lot of freebies this week.
A lot of freebies this week. Dimensional Ink

DC Universe Online is celebrating Bonus Currency Week. This event starts on September 24 and runs all the way to September 30. There’s going to be two offers this week that DCUO players will definitely want to check out.

The first is that Splintered Coins rewards are tripled this week. These are the currency that can be found in Episode 38: Wonderverse and is used mainly for getting new gear and rewards from the Wonderverse vendors.

Meanwhile, Empyrean Aether rewards are doubled this week. This currency is handed out as a reward for battling world bosses in Wonderverse’s open Patchwork Themyscira world. Empyren Aether is used to select rewards from the Wonderverse vendors.

That’s not all, as there are new Wonderverse rewards offered this week. These are:

  • New items added for Splintered Coins
    • Venom Material
    • Hera's Blessing Aura
    • Bombshell Boots
    • Bombshell Bracers
    • Comrade Belt
    • Swept Back Locs (hair)
  • New items added for for Empyrean Aether
    • Ember Chroma Set
    • Heavenly Chroma Set
    • Divine Aura
    • Omega Uplink Device
    • Father Box (trinket)
    • Mother Box (trinket)
    • Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green Nectar (Amphora)
  • New rare drops have been added throughout Wonderverse
    • Ranking up/completing the Amphora of the Gods item has a chance to drop modular versions of the Venomous Aura.
    • Zeus (raid) has a chance to drop modular versions of the Hera's Blessing Aura.
    • Hydra (open world) has a chance to drop the new Henchmen Hydra Tooth: Spartoi.
    • Grail (in any content) has a chance to drop modular versions of her Apokoliptian Amazon Aura.
    • Poseidon (alert) has a chance to drop modular versions of the Divine Aura.

There’s Still Time To Celebrate

Did you know that September 19 was celebrated as Batman Day? DC Universe Online players celebrated this day with free gifts which included the Batwing and the Batman Day 2020 – Cover Pack. There’s also the E. Nygmatic Accessory. If you weren’t able to celebrate, don’t worry since there’s time to claim your prizes. As long as you have an active membership, you have until September 30 to claim the member gift.

Bring fear from the skies.
Bring fear from the skies. Dimensional Ink

Wonderverse is the latest episode to arrive to DC Universe Online. Episode 38 was launched on July 30 and came with new threats and allies. There are new open world missions and even a new alert. There is also the new raid and elite raid. DC Universe Online Episode 38: Wonderverse is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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