Anno 1800 Coming to Next-Gen Consoles March 16

Coming soon to new platforms.
Coming soon to new platforms. Ubisoft

More players will finally discover what makes Anno 1800 a fun game. That's because it's launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S this March 16. For the first time ever, console players can now experience what a core Anno game offers, including building cities, establishing complex trade routes, expanding to new continents, and negotiating with opponents, whether in a diplomatic, commercial, or military manner.

The Anno 1800 Console Edition was developed by Ubisoft Mainz and comes with enhanced graphics and redesigned UI and controls to take full advantage of what consoles offer.

Executive Producer Stéphane Jankowski revealed that Anno 1800 has been a great success story not only for the Anno franchise but also for the studio. He added that the success and popularity of the game on PC gave them the chance to come up with a console version. Jankowski concluded that by releasing the game on consoles, it lets new players learn more about the game.

Pre-order for the Anno 1800 Console Edition is now available, with a Standard edition and Deluxe version to choose from. The latter comes with the base game plus three cosmetic packs: the Pedestrian Zone Pack, Amusements Pack, and Vibrant Cities Pack. Those who pre-order, or buy the game before April 16, can also obtain the Early Adopter Offer which comes with the Imperial and Console Founder packs, a digital artbook, and selected soundtrack.

The city-building real-time strategy game Anno 1800 is the seventh title in the Anno franchise released in 2019. The game brings back the series to a historical setting but during the Industrial Revolution. While it has the city-building and ocean combat mechanics like in previous games, it introduces new gameplay mechanics like tourism, blueprinting, and industrialization that affect the inhabitants of the island.

The game gives players the chance to prove their skills as they create huge cities, plan logistic networks, settle lush new continents, send out expeditions around the globe, and dominate opponents. Players can choose to play from a story-based campaign, customizable sandbox mode, and multiplayer experience.

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