Anno 1800 Launching Eden Burning December 14

One more before the year ends.
One more before the year ends. Ubisoft

The year is almost over but there’s still one more thing coming to Anno 1800 . It’s none other than the new mode titled Eden Burning, which is available for free. Arriving on December 14, this one challenges players to do some clean-up and then come up with a sustainable source of energy. The goal is to do that while making sure there is minimal damage to the ecosystem.

Eden Burning was actually created as an entry for the 2021 Green Game Jam. This event was organized by the UN-facilitated Playing for the Planet Alliance and brought different video game companies together to create what’s known as new “green activations.” At that same event, Eden Burning was given the UNEP Choice Award.

Eden Burning, in particular, introduces Scenarios, which are self-contained game sessions that have their very own victory conditions. For this mode, players need to build a hydroelectric dam on the island of La Xultuna as fast as they can while keeping pollution to a minimum to protect the local ecosystem. It also offers a roguelike approach where players can experiment and see what happens when they try different approaches.

Other Activities

The new mode is not all that’s happening on December 14. There will be a Plant A Tree DLC, available for $2.99. It’s going to add an ornamental tree for the cities of players. You can purchase it until March 31. However, the ornamental tree is returning to the game sometime in 2022 as a free item. By the way, buying this DLC also contributes $1 to the environmental organization Ecologi.

Players can also look forward to Game Update 13 being launched on the same day. It includes free ship skins, which are one for the Battlecruiser and one for the Ship of the Line. This is in celebration of the game reaching 2 million players. Speaking of free things, Anno 1404 History Edition is available free until December 14.

Anno 1800 is a city-building and real-time strategy video game that takes place during the Industrial Revolution. Released in 2019, the game is available on PC.

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