Anno 1800 Brings Back Players to the New World in Season 4

Welcome back!
Welcome back! Ubisoft

Season 4 of Anno 1800 is all set to be launched on April 12. It’s going to bring players back to the New World and learn new ways of agricultural production and pioneer aviation. There is also a new tier of the New World’s population.

Season 4 is also set to introduce three DLCs which are Seeds of Change, Empire of the Skies, and New World Rising. Each one adds a new scenario along with new missions and game mechanics.

First DLC

The first DLC launches when Season 4 starts. It’s going to introduce New World haciendas and let players have their own country estate to have agricultural goods. Seeds of Chance has players learn about maximizing productivity while coming up with island policies. It also gives inhabitants independence to farm goods that could only be imported in the past.

Be ready for the Seasons of Silver scenario where players establish a complex silver-production chain as they deal with the changing seasons. Coming with this new DLC are three exclusive ornaments.

The Next Two

The second DLC is Empire of the Skies which introduces new ways to use airships like aerial battles and transporting goods. It’s coming out in the summer of 2022. Later in the year, the New World Rising DLC arrives in the game. It adds a new population tier along with more islands.

Free Week

By the way, the Seeds of Change DLC launches along with Free Week. As the name implies, it gives players access to the game for free from April 12 to April 19.

Those who want to continue playing after the Free Week ends have two ways to get the main game:

  • Complete Edition Year 4: Features main game, Deluxe Pack, and all 4 Season Passes
  • Gold Edition Year 4: Features main game, Deluxe Pack, and Season 4 Pass

While waiting for the new season to arrive, players can enjoy the game by trying out the Eden Burning Mode. This one has players do some cleaning and devise ways to have a sustainable source of energy. The ultimate goal is to ensure minimal damage to the ecosystem.

Read more about it here.

Anno 1800 is a city-building and real-time strategy video game that takes place during the Industrial Revolution. Released in 2019, the game is available on PC.

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