Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Invites You to Isabelle’s Cloudburst Bash

New events are here.
New events are here. Nintendo

Attention campers! It's a new month and this means new activities are lined up in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. For June, everyone is invited to join and have fun in Isabelle’s Cloudburst Bash.

For this new event, campers are asked to collect glistening raindrops. They can do it by participating in different events around the campsite. In return, everyone has the chance to earn any of these items: a large rainbow arch, frog statue, and full-brim raindrop hat.

Here are the other events happening this June:

  • Garden Event: Reese's Hydrangea Haven
    • Campers need to plant hydrangeas in their campsite’s garden.
    • Once the plants bloom, they’re going to attract flydrangeas.
    • Collect these creatures and bring them to Reese.
    • Earn different rewards including the hydrangea-park fountain, round hydrangea planter, and oak wooden patio.
  • Fishing Tourney (Mail Room)
    • Catch tourney fish like the red snow crab.
    • In return, earn rewards like the mail-delivery bike, mobile mail cart, and parcel drop box.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Laundromat Scavenger Hunt
    • For this month, it's time to collect laundromat gyroidite.
    • Earn these items: laundry-day station, floating soap bubbles, and breezy clothesline.

Happy Homeroom

Like any month, campers get to practice their interior design skills using the items collected. For June, the two new sets of Happy Homeroom event classes are Utmost Post and Laundry Day. As always, Lottie and friends are going to be the ones grading the designs. Those who pass a class get HH Material and HH Medals. Campers who earn enough medals can see their HH Rank go up.

Scrapbook Kit

The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Spring Scrapbook Kit is still available for those looking to redeem something with My Nintendo Platinum Points. This reward allows players to create personalized scrapbook pages with photos taken using the AR Camera in the Simple Snapshot Mode. They can create personalized scrapbook pages with Pocket Planner stickers and photos. Learn more about it here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available on Android and iOS. It’s part of the Animal Crossing franchise and continues the series of social simulations where players can interact on a small campsite with various campers, perform small tasks, engage in commerce, and decorate living spaces.

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