Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Introduces Pocket Planner Feature

New things coming next month.
New things coming next month. Nintendo

The February update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is offering something different to all players. In addition to the usual activities, everyone gets the new Pocket Planner feature. This new feature gives players access to a schedule of the various upcoming occasions like garden events and fishing tourneys. It also gives information on when new collections are going to be released.

The Pocket Camp Club is also offering something new to all players. It's an optional monthly subscription plan known as Merry Memories Plan. Basically, this plan allows players to customize the new in-game planner with designs of their choice. Players can also record memories by adding stickers. It's available for $0.99 per month, and those who subscribe to this plan also get 20 Leaf Tickets each month.

With those new offerings out of the way, here are the events for February:

  • Seasonal Event: Vintage Valentine’s
    • Join different events around the campsite and collect gold pocket watches.
    • Earn items like the heirloom clock, heirloom armchair, and vintage vest and shirt.
  • Garden Event: Celeste’s Chocolate Terrace
    • Go to your campsite’s garden and plant chocoblooms. Once they bloom, they should attract chocobees.
    • Collect the creatures and hand them over to Celeste. Earn rewards like the dark-chocolate fountain, chocolate-swirl table, and choco ice-cream cake.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Cozy Canine Scavenger Hunt
    • This month, players need to collect puppy gyroidite.
    • Earn items like the deluxe dog bed, plaid dog-bone cushion, and gray puppy plushie.
  • Fishing Tourney (Heist)
    • Catch special tourney fish such as aquamarine jewelfish and amethyst jewelfish.
    • Earn a crown jewel display case, security-laser partition, and tall surveillance camera.

Of course, the monthly update wouldn’t be complete without Happy Homeroom. For February, players get to practice their interior design skills in these new sets of Happy Homeroom event classes: Chocolate Terrace, Cozy Canine Room, and Priceless Jewels Exhibit. Like the previous months, Lottie and friends will grade the designs. Those who pass get HH Material and HH Medals. Players able to earn enough medals have their HH Rank go up.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available on Android and iOS.

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