Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Celebrating Halloween With The Fall Update

Something spooky is coming your way.
Something spooky is coming your way. Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is releasing a new update just in time for Fall. Launching on September 30, expect some acorns and pine cones falling from trees. That’s not all as the update is also adding some spooky touches. Be prepared to see Halloween costumes, DIY projects, festivities, and even character customization options.

In a statement, Nick Chavez of Nintendo of America said that now is the time for new players to join in on the fun. He added that for those “who enjoyed their islands during the spring and summer will find new ways to play when they experience the new festive activities that fall has to offer.”

Here are some of the new features players can expect once the update goes live on September 30:

  • Growing Pumpkins
    • Players can deck out their home and island for that amazing autumn experience. They can do this by buying pumpkins in-game from Leif year-round or from Nook’s Cranny during October. Once the pumpkins are all fully-grown, they can then be harvested and used for your favorite pumpkin-based DIY projects.
  • Prepare for Halloween
    • Pumpkins are just the start of the many Halloween-themed events arriving to your island. Players can start preparing by stocking up on candy. Players can also buy costumes over at the Able Sisters shop during October. Players can even exchange Nook Miles for body paint and colored eye contacts.
  • Halloween Night Celebrations
    • Halloween night officially starts on October 31 at 5:00 PM local time. During this time neighbors are going to gather in the plaza, which is going to have a lot of Halloween decorations. Players can even get a visit from a mysterious guest known as Jack. Give him candy and lollipops and you’ll get some spooky in-game rewards. Don’t forget to save some candy so you can give it to your neighbors.
  • Revisiting Dreams
    • During the summer, everyone was given the ability to take a nap and then visit other islands within their dreams. With the new update, players can revisit dreams from a list.
  • NookLink App Update
    • The NookLink Service is available in the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. It’s also going to receive an update in early October where players are going to be able to use their smart device in order to perform reactions in the game.

The next update arriving for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is going to be in late November. It's probably a safe bet to assume this will be the winter/Holiday season update.

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