Ancient Warfare 3: Update 0.42 Brings Some Remastered Content from AW2

Update 0.42
Update 0.42 Steam

Ancient Warfare 3 received a new patch loaded with a bunch of cool new stuff. Update 0.42 brings some remastered content from Ancient Warfare 2, such as camels, armored horses, and catapults.

Players can now add camels and armored horses to their Ancient Warfare 3 creations. Camels are rideable mounts similar to horses, albeit slower and larger. Armored horses, on the other hand, have more survivability and can be used to quickly move from one point to another.

Poison and fire catapults have also been added that players can use to eliminate their enemies with ease.

Players can tinker with new image effects introduced in Update 0.42 as well. One of the most notable is Nightvision - an image effect that can simulate night vision goggles with a custom color and intensity. This is great whenever players want to make darker areas more visible.

Here are the other noteworthy features in this patch:

  • The Glitch effect enables screen shaking and distortions
  • The CRT/VHS effect makes the game look like it's running on an old tv with bleeding, fringing, scanlines and a fisheye effect
  • The Posterize effect reduces the colors per channel to simulate retro rendering like 8-bit colors
  • The Noise effect can be used to overlay noise with custom intensity and scale
  • The Invert Color effect can invert any color channel
  • Grayscale can be used to modify the saturation of the game
  • The Pixelation effect makes the game look pixelated and allows you to choose how many pixels to render to make it look more or less pixelated
  • The damage of ranged weapons in AW3 depends entirely on the projectile/caliber of the weapon. But now you can choose to modify the caliber for your custom weapons to modify stats like Damage, Armor Pen, Armor Dmg, Projectile Amount and Fire Probability to adjust the projectile stats when used with this weapon.
  • Physical parameters like mass, drag, angular drag, friction and bounciness can be adjusted, to select how your object reacts to the physics simulation
  • Depending on the settings, these objects can be picked up and/or thrown by the player
  • There are various settings to select how the object is thrown like throw force modes, strength and whether you want to see a throw preview or not
  • Thrown or falling/moving objects can also cause damage to units or buildings
  • Resting physics objects can also block units from walking somewhere if set up correctly
  • Full scripting support for physics objects allow you to
    • Spawn/delete objects
    • Modify physical parameters
    • Apply force to objects
    • Freeze/Unfreeze objects
    • Force the player to pick up/drop objects or react to events when the player interacts with these objects
    • React to collision events to create custom behavior

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.42 is available on PC.

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