Ancient Warfare 3: Update 0.40 Adds New Color Picker and Heavily Improves File Browser

Ancient Warfare 3
Ancient Warfare 3 Steam

The medieval sandbox game Ancient Warfare 3 got a new patch recently that you need to check out. That’s because Update 0.40 adds a new color picker and improvements to the game’s file browser.

The new color picker feature allows you to quickly select colors from visible objects or a particular scene that you like, so you can make some adjustments if needed. This can be accessed in the battle and unit editor.

Color Picker
Color Picker Steam

Part of what makes Ancient Warfare 3 great is that you can customize various aspects of the game to make them your own. That is why the file browser is an essential tool, especially when saving, loading, and importing stuff.

In Update 0.40, some improvements to the file browser have been implemented. For instance, folders are now supported for custom items. Additionally, there’s a tabbed interface in the navigation bar that lets you quickly go to different folders with a simple mouse click. Other quality-of-life changes include the ability to bookmark paths, rename entries, and the delete/rename buttons being visible only when hovering the mouse over them.

File Browser Improvements
File Browser Improvements Steam

Patch Notes

  • The head is now slightly tilted while leaning
  • Replaced the landing sound which now also depends on the surface
  • Standing still now reduces recoil by 10%
  • Crouching now reduces recoil by 25%
  • Added some arm sway while aiming a weapon to prevent it from being perfectly still
  • AI units will now rotate their heads up/down while aiming at a target at a different elevation
  • Modular parts will no longer snap and jitter around while placing them in overlapping placement slots. This was especially annoying when placing roofs
  • Impact effects for bullets (sound and particles) are now more reliable and there are some new effects for materials like glass or plastic
  • All lists in the game now scroll with the same speed relative to the item size
  • Poison and flame damage is now displayed on the HUD
  • The visibility of workshop items is now loaded into the UI before updating them
  • Custom items from the workshop now display as "[V1_W]" in lists to identify them
  • Colors can now be dragged into folders in the color management UI
  • Transparent colors are now supported in the color management UI
  • Increased sound capacity of the audio system
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom objects with surface placement to be placed wrong
  • Fixed a bug that caused the custom container item setting to place the door at an invalid position

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.40 is available on PC.

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