Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.41.1: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.41.1
Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.41.1 Steam

Ancient Warfare 3 received a new update that introduced several new additions. It also fixed many bugs present in the game.

Gate Feature for Custom Objects

Update 0.41.1 introduces a new feature that lets players create custom objects that act as gates. These gates function like doors, and can have single or double doors and can be rotated, moved, or even hidden.

Animated Pose Changes

The change that occurs when players switch their guard poses will now be animated, instead of snapping right into the new pose. Also, the developers have added a new pose that allows units to sit.

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.41.1

New Siege Weapons
  • TOW anti-tank missile launcher.
  • M2 .50 cal HMG.
  • Static LMG (5.56mm light machine gun on tripod).
New Vehicles
There are also 3 new vehicles included in this update:
  • M113 troop carrier.
  • M132 Zippo flamethrower tank.
  • KV-2 tank.
Other Features and Improvements
  • Color categories can now be deleted in the color browser.
  • Searching for workshop items by name works much better now.
  • Added scripting node to get the weapon id from a unit.
  • Added “origin” output to ProjectileImpact event nodes to get the spawn point of the projectile.
  • Added IsRefType script node to check if a reference is of a type.
  • Added OnInteraction possible event to detect when the player can interact with an object.
  • Added GetRefObjectsOfType node to get all objects of a type.
  • Added IsInVehicle node to test if a player is currently in a vehicle.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused rendering problems when returning to the battle editor while driving a vehicle in 3rd person.
  • Fixed incorrect bloom values after leaving the scripting editor.
  • Fixed that hovering over node inputs would display the wrong description.
  • Fixed that custom particle effects and items did not load correctly when loading a script from the workshop.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented certain maps from being saved.
  • Fixed that the OnShoot event node was triggered incorrectly in burst fire mode.

You can read more about Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.41.1 here.

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