American Truck Simulator Creates Buzz For Upcoming Map Expansion

American Truck Simulator release tease for upcoming map.
American Truck Simulator release tease for upcoming map. SCS Software

American Truck Simulator released a teaser for its upcoming map expansion. So what is the map about? Well if the teaser trailer is any indication, it has something to do with bees.

While short, the teaser is certain to make fans of the game both excited and a little confused.

The news, or rather tease, comes as American Truck Simulator recently released two DLCs. The first, "Forest Machinery," introduced players to machinery and equipment designed and designated for the wood industry. This was released on June 11. Features of the DLC included:

  • Towed Forest Machinery
    • Forwarder
    • Log Harvester
    • Log Loader
    • Log Stacker
    • Mulcher
    • Stumped
  • Specialized Trailers
    • Tub Grinder
    • Knuckleboom Loader
  • Truck Accessories
    • Headache Racks (2 versions for each cabin type)
  • Cabin Toy
    • Hanging Chainsaw toy

The second DLC, which was released a day later, was simply titled "Washington." This time around, players were given the chance to experience the natural beauty offered by the Evergreen State. They get to see the coastal views, thick forests, stretching mountain ranges, and winding rivers, to name a few.

Features of the Washington DLC included:

  • 3,800 miles of dense road network
  • 16 brand new cities (Vancouver, Longview, Aberdeen, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Port Angeles, Bellingham, Omak, Wenatchee, Yakima, Kennewick, Grand Coulee, Spokane, Colville)
  • More than 20 landmark bridges
  • 10 original truckstops
  • Keystone-Port Townsend Ferry
  • Everett swing bridge
  • Grand Coulee dam
  • Washington's iconic mountains (Mount St. Helens and Mt. Rainier)
  • Challenging logging cliff road
  • Dynamic speed limits and LED signs
  • Large and realistic ports (Seattle, Tacoma, Everett)
  • Many unique junctions
  • Distinct company docks for new cargoes: yacht builders, vast farms, material storages.
  • Washington-specific achievements to unlock

The Forest Machinery, along with the Washington DLC can also be purchased with the American Truck Simulator West Coast Bundle. The Bundle includes the base game and the Oregon DLC as well.

That's not all though. While you may think that the game is simply driving a truck, you may be right but you likely underestimated its appeal. Back at the height of E3 2019, while everyone was fawning over Cyberpunk 2077 and the man of the year Keanu Reeves, something surprising happened on Steam.

As you can see from the tweet, it appears that at one point, the West Coast Bundle managed to beat out Cyberpunk 2077 for the top spot. What is even more interesting is that the Washington DLC took the 3rd spot and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was at 4th place.

So what is the upcoming map going to be? We're guessing it's going to be North Dakota. After all, it is located North and is the top honey producing state in the US. What do you think?

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