‘American Horror Story: Lost Colony’? How Season 6 ‘Croatoan’ Theme Relates To Season 1

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American Horror Story Season 6 logo appeared on social media Monday. FX

The American Horror Story buzz has picked up since entertainment outlet, TMZ shared Monday, images it claims are from the AHS set, which may reveal the theme of Season 6. American Horror Story Season 6 is reportedly being filmed in Santa Clarita, Calif. and the set images reveal a village-like location. The clincher on the set, which may reveal the Season 6 theme is the giant tree with the work "CROATOAN" etched into its bark.

Many now believe the Season 6 theme could be related to the Roanoke Colony, an area off the coast of North Carolina, where 117 colonists lived and eventually disappeared. The tale of this island is considered one of the oldest mysteries in American history. The colony was discovered deserted by its governor, John White, who’d left three years prior to return to England for supplies. He found only the bones of a single colonist and the word “CROATOAN” carved into a gatepost leading into the city. Though the fate of the colonists was never been discovered, one theory suggests that they may have integrated with nearby Native American tribes, including one called Croatan.

However, the Roanoke story has a direct connection to American Horror Story , through its first season, backing up long standing rumors suggesting that the Season 6 is related to Murder House. The medium Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) was introduced in Season 1 and told the story of the Roanoke Colony. She explained that the colonists became ghosts that haunted Native American tribes in the area and that tribe elder was able to banish the spirits by reciting the word “Croatoan.”

TMZ claims to have spotted American Horror Story cast members wearing Colonial-era costumes ; however, no photo evidence of this claim has surfaced. FX recently released teasers for AHS Season 6, but they give little indication of what theme the season might follow. Some have suggested a Texas Chainsaw Massacre or farm-centered arc, based on scenery within some trailers. Showrunners have indicated the season will allude to both the past and the present.

There is a possibility that the American Horror Story theme was leaked months prior. Rumors in January suggested the Season 6 theme could be Village and fans even created teaser trailers to accompany the claims.

American Horror Story premieres Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. on FX.


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