AMD's New GPU Is Faster Than The GTX 1660Ti

AMD CES 2020
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Last year, AMD rolled out some impressive hardware, notably the third generation Ryzen models, RX 5700 and 5500 series, and the RDNA architecture. At the recent CES Media Days press conference, AMD revealed that it has a series of technological advancements for its CPU and GPU lineup.

To kick things off, AMD is launching the third generation Ryzen 4000 mobile processor for laptops in the Q1 of this year. There are two variants of these processors - the U series and the H-series. The different lines have been made to appeal to different segments of the market.

First up is AMD's Ryzen 7 4800U, which is designed for ultra-thin consumer-grade laptops. The processor has eight Zen 2 cores with 16 threads and comes with a base clock of 1.8GHz with up to a 4.2GHz boost.

AMD claims that its mobile processor delivers four percent better single-threaded performance, a 90 percent better-multithreaded performance, and 28 percent better graphical performance over the Intel Core i7-1065G7. It is expected that over 100+ systems are going to be using the 4800U processor.

Now let's talk about the second processor, the Ryzen 7 4800H, which is specifically built for gaming and creator laptops. AMD calls the 4800H a "desktop caliber performance" processor. The processor comes with eight cores/16 threads with a 2.9GHz base clock, a 4.2GHz boost, and 45W TDP. AMD states that the 4800H delivers 26 percent increased performance compared to Intel's Core i7-9700K.

Now, let's talk about the beefy stuff! The GPUs! AMD will be launching the RX 5600 XT GPU, which is a straight answer to Nvidia's GTX 1660Ti. The 5600 XT GPU is priced at $279. AMD calls the RX 5600 XT the ultimate 1080p graphics card. The new GPU from AMD is based on the new RDNA architecture and has a total of 36 compute units, a 1375MHz base clock, 1560MHz boost clock, and 6GB of DDR6 VRAM.

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